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GYMRHINO: The iconic Rhino bouldering experience

UK and Europe 2023

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Climb the iconic Rhino boulder from Rocklands

The GYMRHINO bouldering experience is coming to the UK and Europe in 2023.

Every climber’s tick list should include Africa’s most famous boulder, the Rhino. Located in the world class bouldering destination of Rocklands, South Africa, the Rhino is a dramatic overhanging blade of rock which has one of the most aesthetic lines of any boulder.

If you can’t make it to South Africa this year, then the Quartzite team is bringing the Rhino to you!

Quartzite gives you the opportunity to climb the world’s only life-size replica boulder: the GYMRHINO

The GYMRHINO is an accurate reproduction of the Rocklands Rhino boulder. Built using the latest 3D technology, this is the first time a boulder has been reproduced so accurately that it climbs just like the original V8/7B+ Rhino.

And if you think V8/7B+ is a bit above your current grade, don’t worry. The GYMRHINO is designed so it can be downgraded. It has a full range of indoor climbing holds developed from the original sequence on the Rhino, so you can project the GYMRHINO from V2/6A all the way up to the V8/7B+ original route. Route setters can change the grade and the holds on the GYMRHINO like any other climbing wall.

Bring GYMRHINO to Your
Climbing Gym

Unlike The Rhino that has stood proudly in Rocklands for millions of years, the GYMRHINO doesn’t stay in one place for long

GYMRHINO is the perfect way to introduce outdoor climbing to your indoor gym, generate publicity and attract new members

Following its highly successful launch at The Boardroom Climbing in Wales, the GYMRHINO will be on the move across the UK and Europe

Availability is limited, contact us to secure this one-off opportunity for your climbing venue

GYMRHINO is embarking on a bouldering journey like no other

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